Big Luxury in a Small Bath

Fun Fact: 75% of people who renovate a bathroom don’t actually make it bigger.

Enlarging a small bathroom means cutting into space from another room, which brings in unnecessary costs to your budget. Here are 5 ways to make your small bath feel like big luxury:

1. Shower vs. Tub

Instead of having a separate shower and tub, combine the two and tile the complete area to make it feel bigger and updated. If you are not going to have a tub at the bottom of the shower, install a seat to allow for comfort and luxury. A walk-in shower will also make the bathroom feel more spacious and is universal for all guests, whether they are handicapped or not. This is also good for in the future should you decide to sell.

2. Experience

Instead of having an ordinary and plain shower head, update it with one that has multiple jets, rainfall showerheads, and hand showers. This is very cost-effective and provides a luxurious experience to the shower. Try to find a shower system that works with your existing plumbing to avoid opening the wall to change plumbing.

3. Invest in Luxurious Materials

Investing in granite or quartz countertops can make a big statement. Yes, these are more expensive, but in a small area, a little goes a long way and you don’t need as much. High-end materials can be a cost-effective choice and can enhance the upscale feeling of your small bathroom. This is also good for the future should you decide to sell.

4. Hardware

The hardware that you put on your cabinets can really make a difference as to how the space flows. Cabinet hardware and fixtures (such as faucets and mirrors) can easily be overlooked, but replacing them can be eye-catching and make all the difference in the world. Once again, this is good for the future in case you decide to sell.

5. Lighting

The last thing you want in a small bathroom is for it to feel claustrophobic and dark. Adding more natural lighting to make it feel bigger and more appealing. Take down any blinds/shades in exchange for privacy film. If in the budget, add a skylight or tube skylight to allow natural light.

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